We are growing! Since 2010 Fantastic Frank has paved the way for a new generation of real estate agencies using the interior design side of property sales to improve their business. Fantastic Frank is this generations oldest and most established real estate agency - conceived to better suit the need of the new client base in big cities.



Follow us on an exciting trip

Fantastic Frank is a traditional real estate agent with a modern twist. Reliance and service are the core for both sellers and buyers. Focus on the visual, marketing ꦜand a clearer expression is what distinguishes us. We believe in finding the right buyers for the properties we sell. We regard every property a brand of its own, analyzing its characteristics and potential, visualizing and packaging them to attract the right audience and the final buyer. Our model is based on collaboration between brokers, interior designer and photographer.

Be part of the winning team at Fantastic Frank. We are looking for brokers to our current offices in Berlin/Frankfurt/Hamburg, Lisbon, Palma and Langhe/Milan. W🌄e are also looking for franchisees⛦ all of Europe.



Fantastic Frank arbetsplats arbete fastighestmäklare mäklare


A Fantastic workplace

The definition of an amazing workplace is for us a workplace where you develop, exceed your goals and have fun. Whether you're a broker with us or if you want more responsibility and run a franchise office. Everything we do is pervaded by quali🍰ty and care for details. Therefore, we hire only the best at Fantastic Frank.

Being an international Real Estate brokerage gives us many opportunities like more customers and the possibility to always develop. Our unique marketing and busines💃s model makes coming clients call us and wants us to tell them more about our successful way of doing business. This means that as a broker at Fantastic Frank you can concentrate on your existing and new clients and that the flow of new clients gives you a good business.

Contact Sven Wallén på +46703780088 if you want to learn about the possibilities we offer. You can also send a mail to sven@fantasticfrank.se.



About Fantastic Frank

Our unique marketing means that many people get interested and want us to sell their property. Therefore, we are looking for sk﷽illed and driven brokers at our offices. We are also looking for new franchisees.

We offer the market's best package and a real estate brokerage at the forefront. Our sales process creates the conditions for satisfied customers and you are given the opportunity to focus on successful sales backed by our entire team of marketers, sꦛtylists, and photographers. As a broker with us, you are a star and treated like a star.

We believe that we are the first choice among brokers forಞ the new customer base that emerges, which is very quality conscious and interior-intensive. They care about how their homes look and are very careful in the selection of brokers.


Real estate broker

Our unique marketing means that many people get interested and want to sell with us. Therefore, we are looking for skilled and driven brokers at our offices all over Europe. Currently, we have offices in major cities of Sweden, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Our headquarters are located in the city of Stockholm - here you find our team working with Marketing, New production, and our management and founders.


We aඣre loo🀅king for experienced brokers or new brokers who are ready for the next step in the career.

In order to succeed in the role as a broker, we see that you are a team player with a great interest in working with other people. With a well-developed social ability, you put confidence in customers ꧋and colleagues, building strong relationships. You are humble and adapt your communication to the people you meet. Furthermore, you have a natural sense of order and structure. You are motivated by seeing results and working with goals to reach where you want.


With the right background, you will beat your own highไ-selling sales goals. We have the market's best package.

To enjoy Fantastic Frank, we also believe that you appreciate an open climate, giving you room to work freely but with high standards of work. Being a 𝄹part of Fantastic Frank means working on a brokerage that really has world-class marketing. You can focus on selling apartments and getting new business while the Fantastic Frank team manages marketing and ensures that your customers get the best photographers and stylists in the industry.

Right now we are looking for real estate agents for our offices in...

berlin frankfurt palma lisbon


Become franchisee

Every day people are contacting us wanting to sell their apartment with Fantastic Frank. Every day, all year. They see our marketing and our way of doing business and in this, they recognize themselves more with us, than with our competitors that are stuck in old habits. Our model is great for the seller and our brokers. Now we are opening up for new franchisees to run their own Fantastic Frank office. The coming years we will open franchise offices in exciting cities in Europe, cities with high demand and growth where we can make a difference. Cities where we can win market shares quickly.



Endless possibilities to grow in your area. We will help you grow your business. ✱We will be the no. 1 choice for the new cli𒅌ent base in Europe - your customers. We bring a strong understanding of urbanization to the table.


  • - a high quality reputation leading to high commissions
  • - a modern brand
  • - world clas marketing giving more leads
  • - best in class IT platform
  • - startup program 

Fantastic Frank is the first-hand choice for a new and quality-aware client base that is growing rapidly in the metropolitan areas of Europe.


Are you a successful real estate broker with high ambitions? D༺o you like to win against your competitors? And do you have a friend sharing your vision? 

Contact Sven Wallén +46703780088 if you want to learn more about the opportunities we offer. You can also send a mail on sven@fantasticfrank.se.


Rig൩ht now we are looking for franchisees in these cities:

oslo copenhagen amsterdam your city



  • More than ten years of positive reputation

    Press from all over the world give our clients trust when they do their research. In fact we are one of the most talked about brands in the real estate business. This𒈔 gives leads and make you win leads more often!

  • We sell fast

    Research shows that creating an emotional bond speeds up the d🅺ecision-making process in a purchase. We influence the rational buying process and get the buyer to feel something extra for꧅ the property.

  • Higher commissions

    We get🔯 more paid at our sales and offer a product of the highest quality. This means that the commi🌳ssion is higher than our competitors.

  • International network of clients

    Thankꦕs to our unique marketing model, our sal🧸es create a buzz and awareness of Fantastic Frank far beyond the usual marketing channels.