Six quick ones with Anna Auras

Designer Anna Auras

Six quick ones with Anna Auras

 is a German goldsmith and jewelry designer and her look book of her latest collection ‘L’EAU’ was shot earlier this year at our penthouse at Isländische Strasse. The result is impressive, and the wall colors go so well along with the sleek and elegant look of the pieces. We took a moment with Anna to ask our six quick ones.

Fantastic Frank: Please define your style of work! And why did you chose the penthouse at Isländische Strasse to shoot your upcoming look book?
Anna Auras: I implement my creativity in a more targeted way by launching small collections, each with its own concept. The penthouse at Isländische Straße fits well with the concept of the new look book with its clear room layout and sophisticated details, such as the free-standing kitchen. The special wall color and the large window front with lots of daylight offered the best conditions for the shoot.

FF: Your dream jewelry to design? Or maybe you dream of designing another item besides jewelry?
AA: I am attracted by the transition from jewelry to object. I love to design pieces of jewelry that are not on𒁃ly wearable but also function independently, for example as an object. My dream is to eventually create a huge metal art medal that integrates into a room.

FF: Your favorite building in Europe!
AA: Difficult. There are many museums and a🔯lso churches that impress me. But my favorite building is definitely the 𝔉 by Peter Zumthor in the Swiss mountains.

FF: Your one piece of furniture you take with you on ever🅺y move?

My goldsmith table.

FF: Your current tip for a nice activity in or around Stuttgart (as a lot is closed right now)?
AA: There is a lot in the field of art and culture that Stuttgart and its surroundings have to offer: the staatgalerie, the kunstmuseum and Schauwerk in Sindelfingen. But just as exciting is a visit💞 to Wilhelma with its green- houses and Moorish-stylꦍe buildings. I never tire of admiring the changing flowers and plants in this beautiful architecture!

FF: Your favorite app!
AA: I prefer working directly and with my hands, drawing with pencil and notebook. But of course my mobile phone is an indispensable tool for work and communication. And in fact, I prefer to use Insta and Planoly for marketing my studio.

FF: What inspires you?
AA: My childhood was strongly influenced by art, architecture and many visits to museums. I started drawing at an early age and discovered my interest in design and craft. My inspiration is functional and clear forms, such as those of the Bauhaus, but also the beauty of nature reflected in its elements and materials.

FF: What is your design philosophy?
AA: For me, sustainability means combining a timeless design with correspondingly durable and high-quality ma- terials. I produce in small quantities and on request. However, it is not only the craftsmanship of the production process and my choice of materials that are central, but also the cooperation with suppliers and their points of view. It is important to me that there is transparency from the origin to the processing to the finished piece of jewellery, which ensures a fair and sustainable treatment of people and nature.

FF: How do you go about designing a new collection?
AA: When developing new designs, I always start with sketches and drawings before going into the material. De- pending on whether the theme is form- or material-related, I make models to see how they work and look worn. Sometimes this process works quickly and sometimes a model sits on the workbench for months until I am satisfied.

FF: Thank you for your precious time dear Anna!