Showroom Berlin

Showroom Berlin West

Showroom Berlin

We are proud to finally present our showroom in the western part of Berlin. Just off famous Ku'damm we created a space that brings our mind to a gallery, living room or just somewhere nice you want to𒉰 spend your time - we show how a real est♊ate office should look in 2022.

Creative director Lea Kaufmann from Fantastic Frank set the tone for the concept. She is behind the entire composition of the interior, from the floors, furniture to details such as light switches and fittings.

She chose to work with world-famous design studio  to create a holistic approach and the key elements were "expressive, bold colors and materials with a subtle and sober backdrop; refined details as well as sculptural and eccentric key piece / pieces."

The architect My Degerth explains her thoughts behind:

"We wanted to create a sense of 'self'. The working title for the concept was ’An Artist’s Abode’. With Fantastic Frank and with their core in real estate, they have always been someone inviting others to their projects, whether it has been an architect, painter or designer. So what better to do here, but to create a raw canvas which is striking on its own — yet a place where new people and items can own their own space?
This was pre-pandemic, but we envisioned a place where people could come in, sit down, have a coffee, read the papers or a magazine. Maybe have a stroll around. I had this notion that this would be the place where artists, sculptors, furniture-makers and other creatives, could come in & display their work, and feel as if this is just as much their space to inspire people, as it is a place to be inspired in. 

Much because that is the way that Fantastic Frank always work towards their clients. They always strive for adding that extra that none else does. I think that the way that they show attention to detail, and in how service-minded they are makes them stand out. The way they listen to those they work with is extraordinary and it’s very rare to find.

And at the end of the day that was what we wanted the space to be – for everyone and especially for the neighborhood that surrounds it."

Together with brands and designers we truly love and admire we created something that even we were overwhelmed by. We say thank you to: , , , , , , , , , , , and of course last but not least and especially My Degerth and Lea Kaufmann. 

PS: If you wanna see the space in real life, come by for a drink or two, just get🐼 in touch before: -> Nestorstrasse 1, 10711 Berlin.

Customized table, Mykilos chairs and a Fantastic Paper


Sesann Tacchini Sofa

Bocci lamps and Tacchini sofa

Light blue kitche by Reform

Toilet with Huguet and Vola appliancesAlex Proba and Valerie Objects at Fantastic Frank Berlin Showroom

Showroom Fantastic Frank Berlin-West