Home staging in real estate

lea kaufmann

Home staging in real estate

German business newspaper sat down with Lea Kaufmann, Managing Director of our Berlin and Hamburg offices, for an interview about how small fixes before selling can increase the sales price tremendously.

“You clean your sneakers before you post the images online. And the apartment? Cleaning helps there, too. But you can do a lot more to make the place more expensive and sell it quickly. "In most cases, it's worth getting your hands on," says Lea Kaufmann, Managing Director of the Berlin real estate agency Fantastic Frank. "After that, the seller achieves a price that is 15 to 30 percent higher than the market value."

Mrs. Kaufmann, on the other hand, advocates setting color accents. However, not in exuberance, so “no combination of purple and gold”.

Home staging: …In addition, according to Mrs. Kaufmann, “a piece of furniture can hide a less attractive spot. The focus is not on the pipe lying over the plaster, but on the Eames Chair.”

There are now quite a few home stagers in Berlin. But brokers such as Fantastic Frank also offer this service for properties in good locations. And even almost free of charge. They benefit from the higher commission due to the higher sales price.

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